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Have you or any other member of the household ever been convicted of a felony or juvenile felony?

A person with a known felony conviction will not be accepted. Person(s) must exhibit no criminal conviction involving violence, firearms, illegal drugs, theft, crime involving the theft or destruction of property, or any crime involving a minor. Person(s) who have received deferred adjudication for a felony involving these crimes will not be accepted. Person(s) who have received deferred adjudication will be considered, provided the probation period has been satisfactorily completed, case dismissed, or set aside. That is, unless the offense was of a sexual nature, especially any offense involving a minor, or stalking, or crime of violence, particularly those involving any type of weapon. Person(s) convicted of a misdemeanor crime may be accepted, except for convictions involving sexual immorality, e.g. public lewdness, indecent exposure, and acts against a minor. A conviction related to any of the above will cause an applicant to be rejected, even if the applicant has fulfilled the sentence and is currently on probation, or even if probation has been fulfilled. It is our right to ask an applicant the dates and nature of any conviction (and/or deferred adjudication) on public record and our responsibility to our other residents not to lease to anyone with a violent history. This pertains to lease holder(s) and occupant(s).